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Individual Holistic Wellness

Peak Health was created, in collaboration with a team of medical and wellness experts in Switzerland and across the globe in order to fulfill the need for a holistic approach to resetting one’s health.  With our team of expert Advisors, we implement best practices latest academic and scientific research. Our mission is to help people transform their lifestyles and create sustainable changes through true health immersion on a luxury vacation in an idyllic environment. 


Our Philosophy

The goal in the Peak Health Programme is to gain a new understanding of one’s body and it’s potential. Further to this, we aim to help each guest understand which small changes will make the biggest impact to him or her specifically. Unlike many programmes, education plays a large role in what we do; from workshops to in-depth reports and tools to take home, we aim to bring new awareness and understanding to what it means to live a life of peak health and wellness. Finally, we believe that practice makes habit and our retreat Programme is built around instilling habits by using methodology based on the principles of sustainable transformation. With our team of expert Advisors, we implement best practices latest academic and scientific research into all of our methodologies. 


Our Retreats



Our Signature Programme, a week long immersive wellbeing experience in the Swiss Alps. The core of our offering is our unique approach of precision wellness in idyllic natural surroundings.

April 2018

Our Signature, week long programme with a focus on Winter Wellness activities for the ultimate Alpine fitness and wellness retreat, starting in April to get you ready for Spring and Summer months. 


Peak Health Spa

In addition to a luxury expansive new Spa, we have a Private Spa available for hotel guests to hire privately. A cosy space clad in wood, stone and slate, is perfectly aligned with the serene surroundings, and where snowflakes fall on the skylights as you soak in the hydrotherapy pool. Additionally to that, our private spa offers you a sauna and a steam bath, together with a relaxation area, shower and restrooms plus an adjacent massage room.

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Rest & Relax

The Capra’s understated elegance is inspired by the pure intensity of the alpine scenery. Expansive suites in warm earth tones have panoramic views of snow-frosted peaks, pristine valleys, and wide-open skies.  The Capra is the ultimate place to relax, recharge, and reconnect with nature. 


Explore Nature

Let the world slip away in Saas-Fee. Hidden high in the Swiss Alps, Saas-Fee has some of the purest air and highest peaks plus is rated as the Alpine resort with the most reliable snow.  There are 13 peaks over 4,000 metres high surrounding the village (including Switzerland’s highest mountain, The Dom), this earned Saas-Fee the nickname of “the Pearl of the Alps”.  With 300 days of sunshine a year, there is an amazing variety of winter and summer activities.  


Peak Health Cuisine

Working in conjunction with The Capra’s Head Chef Eric Glauser and the Peak Health Nutrition team, the retreat menu focuses on simple, fresh, seasonal food, locally and organically sourced foods designed to balance and nourish from the inside out. 


Reserve Your Adventure

Guests leave Peak Health, not only feeling rejuvenated but with an understanding how to better support the functions of the body, choosing and utilizing the right fuel and activity for their lifestyle and to reach their goals with ease and joy


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