Peak Health was created, in collaboration with a team of medical and wellness experts in Switzerland and across the globe in order to fulfill the need for a holistic approach to resetting one's health. Our mission is to help people transform their lifestyles and create sustainable changes through true health immersion on a luxury vacation in an idyllic environment. The goal in the Peak Health Programme is to gain a new understanding about one's body and its potential. Further to this, we aim to help each guest understand which small changes will make the biggest impact to him or her specifically. Unlike many programmes, education plays a large role in what we do; from workshops, to in-depth reports and tools to take home, we aim to bring new awareness and understanding to what it means to live a life of peak health and wellness. Finally, we believe that practice makes habit and our retreat Programme is built around instilling habits by using methodology based on the principals of sustainable transformation. 




Andrea DeBellis, Head of Peak Health

Andrea DeBellis is a wellness entrepreneur, advisor and consultant. Since 2011, she has launched and built from the ground up, two premium boutique fitness brands, including London’s Barrecore and NYLA, a luxury boutique wellness destination for women in Dubai. Andrea is the Founder of Well Worth It, a Strategic Advisory and Consultancy for boutique fitness and wellness start-ups in New York and London. She has recently co-founded the first globally focused business conference for the Wellness Industry, The Business of Wellness Summit, in partnership with leading brands such as We Work, Lululemon, Equinox, Women's Health, ClassPass, Soho House London and more, which had more than 500 attendees. Andrea holds a bachelor's degree from Texas State University, is a certified in Barre Fitness Instructor.


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Brittany D. Costa, Yoga and Meditation Guide

Health & Wellness Guide Brittany D. Costa works with individuals on becoming healthier by guiding them through proper physical fitness, healthy nutrition & positive lifestyle. Brittany has earned her 500-Registered Yoga Teacher hours through Strala Yoga, studied through National Academy of Sports Medicine for Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition Specialization, is PilatesFit Certified while has also earned 250-Exhale Core Fusion Barre hours and NYLA Method Barre. These, combined with an active lifestyle, has inspired her to connect with others about living a healthy & happy life. Brittany has also been the Official Health & Wellness Guide for various Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA & Miss America pageant contestants, helping to guide the contestants as they work towards achieving their dreams healthfully and has had a number of titleholder winners. She currently travels between Dubai, UAE and the USA, working with clients in home, digitally and at various studios. 


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Lyndsay Meyer, Head of Training 

Lyndsay Meyer is a professional skier, adventurer and multi-sport gal who travels the world in search of an escapade she doesn't like. Based in Aspen in winter and Switzerland in summer, she divides her time between teaching, training and sometimes accompanying like-minded adventure seekers to prepare for their next endeavor. She is committed to spreading the outdoor fitness love and has done so via her events and public relations experience with the City of Aspen and other private organizations, as well as on screen for Epic and Plum TV. Her fitness qualifications include NASM personal trainer certification and position as regional manager at Equinox in New York City. She is a certified ski instructor for the Aspen Skiing Company, teaching people to go uphill as well as down.  Endurance cycling, climbing, mountaineering, triathlon, mountain biking, surfing, kite surfing, trail running, water skiing are all among her sports of choice. 

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Nicole Kalbermatten, Head of Pilates

Born and raised in Mammoth Lakes, California, Nicole spent much of her early childhood around people who were active in the outdoors. Climbers, hikers, mountaineers, bikers, ski racers; people live in Mammoth to enjoy the beauty around them.  She began to see and understand the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy core to prevent injury in such sports, which led her to study pilates under the renowned Julian Litteford. Over the last 10 years, Nicole has taught in San Diego, Mexico, Mammoth, and right here in Saas-Fee.

She has been privileged to work with professional athletes, people recovering from accidents or other injuries, and moms recouping after childbirth. Her pilates passion is to see people feeling strong, healthy and aligned in their bodies. Nicole is a certified Pilates Instructor and heads up Peak Health's Group Fitness Programme at The Capra. 


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Dr. Mike Squirrell, Head of Physical Medicine

Dr. Mike Squirrell is one of the world's leading Physiotherapists and Sports Medicine Specialists. Mike is the Founder and Director of KUER Clinics in London's renowned Harley Street Medical district where he incorporates the latest innovations in physical and holistic wellness with some of the world's top Olympic trainers, practitioners and consultants. Mike has received glowing reviews from his patients for the life-changing insights and impact he has enabled them to gain over their lives. His holistic approach to Rehabilitation and Integrated Medicine addresses the health of both body and mind in his patients. He has worked all over the globe from London to New York, Australia and Dubai, he's innovated new approaches to physical wellbeing and healthcare. His main focus areas are mind-body healing and lifestyle coaching. Mike is constantly pushing the boundaries of mind-body wellbeing and incorporating new developments in science and medicine with technology.