Local  and Seasonal Fare

Working in conjunction with The Capra’s Head Chef Eric Glauser and the Peak Health Nutrition team, the retreat menu focuses on simple, fresh, seasonal food, locally and organically sourced foods designed to balance and nourish from the inside out. All of the meals are beautifully presented by Eric and his team, and guests are encouraged to eat mindfully and appreciate making time to nourish themselves whilst enjoying the company of a supportive team of wellness experts and like-minded health seekers. At all Peak Health retreats, eat family style, taking time out to appreciate the wonderful food, discuss our day with our companions, and take time to pause and breathe between bites, which is beneficial for both our physical and mental wellbeing


Fueling the body for optimal function


Guest will start the day with a breakfast based around blood sugar balancing proteins, fats, and low glycemic carbohydrates, providing energy for the morning hike without spiking blood sugar or insulin levels. We fuel for your morning hike and day of activity with Peak Health signature dairy and gluten free Bircher, locally made spelt bread and low GI fruit and accompaniments with alkalizing green juice to kick start the day.


We replenish glycogen stores during and immediately after our activities with a low glycemic, nourishing snack of complex carbohydrates, fats and proteins, readily absorbed by the body and the muscles.


Each lunch starts with is a gut health boosting broth soup followed by a lean protein dish with seasonal vegetables, super foods and complex carbohydrates to provide maximum micro nutrients and energy without weighing the body down before afternoon activities.


The evening meal features lean proteins, alkalising vegetables with complex carbohydrates to replace glycogen stores, aid in repair and recovery for the next days activities, and upregulate the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine to encourage a relaxed evening and a restful night of sleep.