Peak Health was created to fill the need for a holistic approach to resetting one's health in a luxury setting. With the mission of helping our guests gain a new understanding about their body and its potential while also allowing for sustainable lifestyles changes, we are open to people of all ages and fitness levels. Our guests range from those who are just beginning their wellness journey to those ready to take their physical fitness to a new, personalized level. We believe in maximum return on investment and know that once someone commits to reset and review their health and the lifestyle changes to improve it, change can and will happen. 


Special Requirements

Peak Health hosts guests from all over the world, creating an environment of healing, health and education about how to live well. We welcome participants aged 14 years and up and will create a parallel Programme unique to wellness for teens. Peak Health’s partnership with The Capra, a luxury 5 star hotel, affords us the benefit of accommodating large groups, last minute bookings and special requests. We are able to host women-only retreats and accommodate unique requirements to make your Peak Health experience fit your lifestyle. 

Bringing Your Family to Peak Health

At Peak Health we understand that transforming your health and fitness can be most beneficial when it involves the whole family. That's why we have made it possible for families to attend Peak Health Retreats together. We have family suites and activities for children of all ages which correspond to your retreat schedule. We have a per-child full board, with food and beverage and we have partnered with Ski Zenit to provide full board summer ski camps which correspond to each of our retreat dates. For more information on Ski Zenit, please visit Ski Zenit Camps. We offer a Peak Health discount for families attending our retreats that can be applied when booking either directly or through The Capra Concierge. For more information on children's activities in Saas-Fee, please visit the Saas-Fee family guide.