The Peak Health Method

At the core of the Programme is a holistic personalized approach to creating lasting lifestyle changes through a unique method called the Lifestyle Quadrant. The Lifestyle Quadrant focuses on the interrelation of four key areas, namely Physical Fitness, Diet and Nutrition, Sleep Quality and Mental Wellness.

Through the Peak Health Method, we teach you how to boost metabolism, increase Insulin sensitivity and help balance the body’s functions through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. We help you address each of the four areas by optimizing both fuel and function in the body to create, support and improve overall wellbeing and your PEAK HEALTH.

Our focus on function increases the efficiency of each system of the body, including digestive, hormonal, circulatory and cellular health in order to create and restore a supporting foundation. We then focus on correctly fuelling the body with a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, lean proteins and seasonal local vegetables. Finally, we activities that use the fuel for energy and other changes that help restore the body’s energy. Guest sleave Peak Health, not only feeling rejuvenated but with an understanding how to better support the functions of the body, choosing and utilizing the right fuel and activity for their lifestyle and to reach their goals with ease and joy.

The Lifestyle Quadrant

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We utilize a variety of fitness modalities throughout the Peak Health Method, from long walks in the surrounding forests to ground and reset, to hiking at altitude to improve cardiovascular fitness and increase metabolism. Strength Training sessions are delivered to increase lean muscle mass, therefore, improving insulin sensitivity. Each day we close the day with yoga and pilates to rest, restore and repair.



Focussing on lean proteins, an abundance of fresh, local seasonal produce and inflammation lowering fats the Peak Health Nutrition plan is designed to keep blood sugar balanced and boost metabolism whilst providing energy and a wealth of micronutrients.

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Mental Wellness

We combine innovative wellness strategies with a Mindfulness Practice throughout the Peak Health Method. With Meditation classes and one to one sessions, we focus on finding stillness in nature. Our hikes provide a grounding moving meditation to help one connect with themselves. Without the stimuli and stresses of regular life, we help you make the space in the mind-body to create a sense of peace.


Sleep Hygiene


We combine cutting-edge wellness strategies with Sleep Hygiene education. Exercise and food combinations are given throughout the day at key timings to aid in balancing hormones, down-regulating cortisol, and up-regulating the detoxification pathway to have a better night’s sleep.